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Office Closed:

  • Monday 5/28/2018 for Memorial Day
  • Wednesday and Thursday 7/4/2018-7/5/2018 for Independence Day
  • Wednesday 11/21/2018 at 1:00pm and Thursday 11/22/2018 for Thanksgiving
  • Week of 12/24/2018-12/27/2018 for Christmas
  • Tuesday 1/1/2019 for New Year's Day

What's New

Cirrus OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)

Our newest instrument allows Dr. Haynes to see deep underneath the layers of the eye. Similar to an MRI, it can detect problems that could not be found prior to the development of this technology. Specifically looking at the optic nerve and the macula, the doctor is able to detect the beginnings of macular degeneration disease as well as the overall health of the optic nerve. The instrument compares each patient’s macula to a database of known normal subjects to determine if the eye is going through the normal ageing process or a disease process. This important instrument is rare among most optometry offices but has been a crucial part in discovering and monitoring our patients’ eye health.


Our most recent addition to the optical is Tiffany & Co. Timeless elegance and sophistication encompass this line of eyewear. The elements used in the temple designs mirror the details used in their jewelry collections, such as Tiffany Locks, Tiffany Keys, and Tiffany Charms.

We are proud to announce that we have added the unique eyewear collection of Alain Mikli. All of the styles in the collection feature an unconventional mix of colors and play with sculptural layers. Come by and experience the artful combination of shapes, materials and colors.

For more than 90 years Persol has provided the world with unmatched technology and style in eyewear. What is now one of the most widely known icons in the movie industry began in 1917 with the designs of Guiseppe Ratti, an Italian photographer and boutique owner. This collection is both functional and professional and is the perfect addition to the modern man’s attire.

Dailies Total 1

9 out of 10 patients agreed that Dailies Total 1 lenses were so comfortable they didn’t feel anything. Reaching up to 100% water content on the surface of the lens, these contacts perform unlike any other daily lens on the market. They are the world’s first and only water gradient contact lens and provide wearers with extreme breathability and comfort all day long. If you have stopped wearing contacts due to dryness or discomfort, Dailies Total 1 lenses might be your solution to becoming a contact lens wearer again.

Scleral Contact Lenses

Scleral lenses are a type of rigid gas permeable contact lenses that address hard to fit eyes or people with a high amount of astigmatism. There are many designs available to address keratoconus and post- surgical eyes, as well as other corneal complications. These are custom lenses designed to vault the cornea and cover more of the eye which enhances the comfort of the lenses. Scleral lenses use extremely advanced technology and require fitting expertise beyond the parameters of commonly used contact lenses. If you have not been successful with wearing contact lenses in the past, ask Dr. Haynes if you are a candidate for this type of revolutionary contact lens.

Custom Toric Contact Lenses

We are now able to fit patients with contact lenses who require more correction for astigmatism as well as higher spherical correction. These contacts are quarterly disposable soft contacts. They are custom made to your specific power as well as the specific curvature of your cornea. This enables you to have the best possible corrected vision with a disposable soft contact lens! Ask our office about Special Eyes contacts at your next visit.

"Reclaim" Gas Permeable Bifocal

This new gas permeable contact lens style is a multifocal design made to correct distance and near in both eyes. With this new technology you will experience improved contrast and clarity of vision throughout a full range of focal points. If you wore gas permeable contacts or are needing your bifocal correction improved, ask us about this new technology at your next visit.

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